Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program?

The DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program is a charitable initiative offered by DIRECTV to provide free educational television programming. The package, called SCHOOL CHOICE®, is available to state-accredited public and private schools, grades K-12.

What do qualifying schools receive?

  • DIRECTV will send qualifying schools a free DIRECTV® System for up to four rooms, including four HD receivers and remotes, one of which may be a DIRECTV HD DVR. To record any programs, you’ll need a DVR receiver. Additional receivers may be purchased at the retailer of your choice.
  • SCHOOL CHOICE Programming Package
  • Installation of all receivers will be at the school's expense.

How does my school sign-up for DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL?

To bring DIRECTV to your school, follow these easy steps:

  • Determine if your school qualifies (see question below)
  • Submit sign up materials on
  • DIRECTV will send you the hardware for up to four rooms that you request on your program authorization form
  • Schedule an installation of your equipment within 90 days of receipt of equipment

Does our school qualify for the free SCHOOL CHOICE and local channels programming packages?

The SCHOOL CHOICE and local channels programming packages are free services that DIRECTV offers to qualified schools. In order to receive these programming packages, your school must:

  • Be an accredited public or private educational institution.
  • Offer grades K-12 only. Universities, community colleges, day care centers and public libraries do not qualify.
  • Be housed in a facility zoned as a school building by the local municipality.
  • Limit viewing to classrooms, offices and areas not accessible by the public.

How much does SCHOOL CHOICE programming cost?

The SCHOOL CHOICE and local channels packages are offered at no cost to qualified schools.

How long does it take to receive the DIRECTV System?

Once the application has been approved, equipment is sent within 5 to 7 business days.

How do I find an installer?

Find a local retailer by entering your zip code on the DIRECTV Retailer Search or on

Where can SCHOOL CHOICE programming be shown?

Programming is for use only on school property, in areas not accessible by the public (classrooms, main offices, media rooms, libraries, etc.). The DIRECTV System may not be installed in any residential accommodations (i.e. dormitories) located on or near a school campus.

Can the DIRECTV signal be rebroadcast by our school or a third party to another campus, educational institution, or other location?

No. As outlined in DIRECTV's Commercial Viewing Agreement, the DIRECTV signal may not be rebroadcast, transmitted, performed, recorded, duplicated, transcribed and distributed in real-time or near real-time (i.e., provide a "running account") or cable cast. DIRECTV, or its authorized agent, shall have the right to inspect your DIRECTV System at any time during your normal business hours if, at DIRECTV's sole discretion, it is determined that you are in breach of any of the rules for use outlined in the Commercial Viewing Agreement. DIRECTV may immediately deactivate any or all services provided to you.

What programming does SCHOOL CHOICE include?

SCHOOL CHOICE is a package specifically designed to be used in the classroom, offering a high concentration of nonviolent educational programming, news, weather and other current events channels. Additional information regarding the channels in the SCHOOL CHOICE package may be found on the SCHOOL CHOICE Channel Lineup.

Can we receive our local channels?

Yes. DIRECTV includes local channels in the SCHOOL CHOICE programming lineup where available. The local channels will vary depending on the geographic location of the school. Eligibility for local channels is based on service address within designated market areas as defined by Nielsen Media Research. To find out if your school can receive local channels, please contact us at 1-888-330-7827.

Can we receive additional programming?

No. The SCHOOL CHOICE and local channels programming packages are the only options available through the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program. You may want to review other DIRECTV programming packages if your needs differ.

What if we do not qualify for the SCHOOL CHOICE program?

If your school does not qualify to receive SCHOOL CHOICE, you may qualify for our Public Viewing, Semi-Public Viewing or Private Office packages. Please contact our Business Service Center at 1-888-200-4388 for more information about these packages.

What is a DVR?

A digital video recorder, or DVR, lets you record programming without videotape. With DIRECTV HD DVR you can automatically record shows to view at a later time, pause and rewind live TV and much more. For more details, visit

If we purchase an additional DIRECTV DVR, can we add DVR service to our SCHOOL CHOICE package?

Participating schools can add DIRECTV DVR service to the SCHOOL CHOICE package by calling 1-888-330-7827. We will add the DVR service to your DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL account free of charge.

What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is one of the world's leading providers of digital television entertainment services delivering a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology, unmatched programming, and industry leading customer service to more than 32 million customers in the U.S. and Latin America. For the most up-to-date information on DIRECTV, please visit

What is the DIRECTV System?

The DIRECTV System refers to the equipment that customers need to receive DIRECTV programming from our orbiting satellites. Every DIRECTV System includes three components: a satellite dish, a digital set-top receiver and a remote control. Every DIRECTV Receiver enables access to more than 285 digital-quality channels. Our customizable on-screen program guide includes parental controls. For more details on the equipment, check out our system manuals

What is the DIRECTV Plus DVR?

The DIRECTV Plus DVR (Digital Video Recorder) enables users to digitally record up to 100 hours* of television programming, record two shows at once**, pause and rewind live TV and much more.

*Actual recording time varies depending on the type of programming being recorded.
**For full functionality, the receiver requires connection of two satellite inputs from a dual-LNB DIRECTV System dish antenna and continuous connection to land-based phone line.