SCHOOL CHOICE® offers a high concentration of nonviolent educational programming including local channels. All of the networks below are part of the SCHOOL CHOICE® programming package. Additional services will be added as they become available. Your Guide on DIRECTV might sometimes feature content and channels that are not appropriate for the classroom environment. Please click here for instructions on how to set Rating limits.

A&E, Channel 265 HD

A&E offers discerning viewers a unique blend of original programming featuring its signature series "BIOGRAPHY®", intriguing mysteries, original movies and engaging documentaries.

ABC Family, Channel 311 HD

ABC Family reflects all of today's families. We embrace the families of today and the ties that bind them. We offer fresh and inclusive programming, including series, movies, events, and enhanced ABC encore presentations.

American Heroes, Channel 287

American Heroes takes viewers behind the lines and beyond the history books. With compelling, real stories about the human face of battle, cutting-edge technology and critical strategic decisions, American Heroes reveals the world of the military like never before.

Animal Planet, Channel 282 HD

Animal Planet evokes the expansive and unexpected range of raw, visceral experiences within the animal kingdom - all leading viewers to relate to animals as characters that inspire and engage, not merely creatures to observe.

AXS, Channel 340 HD Only

The exclusive home for popular, critically acclaimed original programming like, championship sports coverage from the NHL, MLS and more, outstanding news and documentary programming "Dan Rather Reports", acclaimed series and groundbreaking concerts.

BBC America, Channel 264 HD

Enjoy the very best of British television! BBC America will captivate viewers with its diverse mix of internationally acclaimed dramas, cutting-edge comedies, world-class news and compelling documentaries.

BET, Channel 329 HD

Keeps viewers entertained, educated and excited with hard-hitting news, electrifying music videos, family entertainment and more.

Bloomberg Television, Channel 353 HD

A sophisticated 24-hour business and financial news channel, BLOOMBERG TELEVISION delivers power tools for power players and serious investors via 10 networks in seven languages, reaching over 200 million homes. We build on our world-class resources to present up-to-the-minute coverage of financial news and markets, bringing our journalistic expertise to our programming with the best reporters adding perspective and analysis.

Boomerang, Channel 298

Features classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons with your favorite characters, like Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Popeye and George Jetson. You won't see 90 percent of these animated treasures anywhere else!

Bravo, Channel 273 HD

Bravo is the network that plugs people into arts, culture and pop culture with original programming, quality movies and a whole different side of celebrities. Bravo gets people talking. Its critically acclaimed and award-winning original programming includes "Inside the Actors Studio," "Celebrity Poker Showdown," "Project Greenlight," "Project Runway", "Blow Out" as well as the 2004 Emmy winner for Outstanding Reality Program, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

BYU TV, Channel 374

See the good in the world with BYUtv. Tune in for family-friendly programming such as values-based, family movies, popular syndicated series, international dance and musical performances, BYU sports, and other special broadcasts from the LDS Church.

C-SPAN, Channel 350

Unique news and information programming, including 24-hour coverage of important political events from around the nation. C-SPAN offers debate from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives while C-SPAN2 covers the U.S. Senate.

C-Span 2, Channel 351

Unique news and information programming, including 24-hour coverage of important political events from around the nation. C-SPAN offers debate from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives while C-SPAN2 covers the U.S. Senate.

Cartoon Network East, Channel 296 HD

The world's first and only 24-hour network offering 8,500 animated programs from the Hanna-Barbera libraries, including "Rocky & Bullwinkle," "The Flintstones" and many more.

Cartoon Network West, Channel 297

The world's first and only 24-hour network offering 8,500 animated programs from the Hanna-Barbera libraries, including "Rocky & Bullwinkle," "The Flintstones" and many more.

CBS Sports Network, Channel 613 HD

Brings scenic outdoor adventure indoors -- 24 hours a day. Includes family-oriented "how-to" information for the camper, angler, climber, bicyclist, hunter, photographer, skier, sailor, kayaker and more.

CNBC, Channel 355 HD

Financial news highlights dominate the day, while nights include features and discussions of contemporary business issues.

CNN, Channel 202 HD

The fastest, most complete 24-hour coverage of breaking news. CNN offers programs ranging from business to sports to entertainment, as well as topical interviews and "Larry King Live".

CNN en Español, Channel 419 HD

The prestigious CNN network is proud to present programming compiled, written, produced and presented by Latin Americans for Latin Americans. Features newscasts & informational programs on health, sports, fashion, entertainment, the environment and more.

CTN, Channel 376

CTN features award winning programming reaching families spanning all socio-economic boundaries providing wholesome Christian Programming.

Discovery, Channel 278 HD

Expand your horizons with powerful and insightful news and information documentaries from the worlds of science, nature, medicine and outdoor adventure.

Discovery Education Free Teacher Resources

Discovery en Español, Channel 413

Your whole family will enjoy exploring the wonders of the world on this educational channel from the renowned Discovery network. Discovery en Español features top-notch original programming on science, nature, medicine and outdoor adventure.

Discovery Life, Channel 261

Channel focused on health issues. Programs include Healthy Home, Fitness Fantasy, Birth Day, Healthy Retreats.

Disney Channel (East), Channel 290 HD

The only network for kids and families, Disney Channel offers programming for everyone including movies, series and specials every night at 7 p.m./6 p.m. CT.

Disney Channel (West), Channel 291

The only network for kids and families, Disney Channel offers programming for everyone including movies, series and specials every night at 7 p.m./6 p.m. CT.

Disney XD, Channel 292 HD

What's NEXT on TV?...You're gonna find out. So get off the bench and into the game with Disney XD. LAND that new trick, GET to the next level, NEVER stop on the field. If you're a skater, a gamer or a multifaceted player, Disney XD is for YOU! Disney XD is NEXT on TV

Do It Yourself Network, Channel 230 HD

DIY Network is your television source for the latest do-it-yourself projects. Informational and entertaining, DIY's programs and experts answer your most sought-after questions, plus offer creative projects that inspire. DIY's website,, features step-by-step instructions for all that you see on-air.

DSTR, Channel 369

Daystar is the fastest growing Christian network in America. Interdenominational and multicultural, Daystar features the nation's leading ministries. More live remote broadcasts of major Christian events than any other network.

Encore Family, Channel 542

Encore Wam is for teens. Providing a cool place to see great movies and teen entertainment.

ENLC, Channel 448

This Spanish channel consists of programs of faith and inspiration for the whole family.

ESPN, Channel 206 HD

America's number-one sports network delivers all sports, all the time, plus diverse sports-related news and information. Features "Sunday Night NFL," Major League Baseball and NCAA basketball. (Blackout restrictions apply.)

ESPN 2, Channel 209 HD

An exciting, fast-paced mix of sports events, news, information and entertainment, plus pro hockey. (Blackout restrictions apply.)

ESPNEWS, Channel 207 HD

This 24-hour network provides up-to-the-minute details about important games and events. Viewers can catch breaking sports stories every half-hour, plus highlights, analysis, scores of key games, post-game interviews and much more.

ESPNU, Channel 208 HD

ESPNU is a college sports initiative across ESPN's family of services. This network features about 300 live events, mostly D-1 football and men's/women's basketball and college sports championships.

EWTN, Channel 370 HD

Watch live Papal events, Masses, documentaries, dramas and teaching series, plus children's animation from producers throughout Latin America and the world.

Food Network, Channel 231 HD

Helps viewers master new recipes and cooking techniques, jazz up family meals, learn the latest in healthier cuisine and explore fine restaurants nationwide. Hosts include world-class chefs like the popular Emeril Lagasse, plus restaurateurs, working mothers and celebrities.

FOX News Channel, Channel 360 HD

Fox News Channel provides all the news and information in a fair and balanced format. You'll get live news updates 24 hours a day, plus programming on key issues and events in politics, business, family, health and medicine, sports and entertainment.

Fox Sports 1, Channel 607 HD

24 hours of fast-paced programming for auto, boating and aviation enthusiasts. Features vehicle industry news, historical documentaries, instructional programs for the consumer and live racing events from around the world.

FSTV, Channel 348 HD Only

FSTV offers independent news & analysis of social issues, featuring stories by and about underrepresented communities.

FYI, Channel 266 HD

From A&E Networks, FYI takes a modern spin on traditional lifestyle programming.

Galavision, Channel 404

Tune here for the nation's most popular Spanish-language programming! There's something for everyone, including movies, sports, music and kids' shows, plus novelas like "Marimar" and variety shows like "La Tocada."

GEB, Channel 363 HD Only

Oral Roberts University presents Golden Eagle Broadcasting, a Family-Safe® Programming Network.

GSN, Channel 233

GSN, the network for games, is the only television network exclusively dedicated to the exciting world of games. GSN programming includes reality series, dating and casino games, video gaming, and interactive game play. GSN is jointly owned and operated by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

H2, Channel 271

Takes you beyond U.S. borders to experience global culture through international eyes.

Hallmark, Channel 312 HD

From one of the most trusted brands, Hallmark Channel delivers extraordinary original movies and award-winning entertainment you won't find anywhere else. Hallmark Channel is committed to high-quality entertainment characterized by cinematic excellence and strong stories that are relevant to viewers and their lives.

History Channel, Channel 269 HD

History Channel® reveals the power and passion of history as an inviting place where people experience history personally and connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past.

History in the Classroom

HITN, Channel 449

The best educational and cultural programming for the whole family - HITN TV, the Spanish-language channel that educates and entertains.

HLN, Channel 204 HD

During your busy morning and day, Headline News brings you the day's top stories in a fast-paced 30 minute newscast. In the evening, Headline Prime switches gears to deliver a line-up of destination shows not to be missed -- including Showbiz Tonight, Nancy Grace and Prime News Tonight.

Home & Garden TV, Channel 229 HD

HGTV celebrates the center of life — the home. From the unexpected to fun, HGTV brings real people, places and life, home.

HOPE, Channel 368

Find peace, power, and purpose for your life. Hope Channel provides inspirational and educational programs for the entire family.

Hub Network, Channel 294

Designed for young people ages 7 through 14, Discovery Kids Channel offers hip new adventure programming, entertainment trivia and programs made by kids, for kids. It's a playground for young minds!

Investigation Discovery, Channel 285

Investigation Discovery continues its heritage of providing in-depth, compelling documentaries & series that challenge viewers to think about key issues that shape our culture and define our world. In addition, Investigation Discovery continues to partner with leading news organizations to bring high-quality current events and investigative programming to Investigation Discovery's audience of over 50 million households nationwide.

ION Television (East), Channel 305 HD

ION Television offers timeless, diverse family entertainment with a mix of television series, movies, specials and sports.

ION Television (West), Channel 306

ION Television offers timeless, diverse family entertainment with a mix of television series, movies, specials and sports.

Jewelry TV, Channel 313

Shop for incredible deals on jewelry and gemstones. Jewelry Television" specializes in offering a vast selection of jewelry and gemstones, live-24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

JLTV, Channel 366

Jewish Life Television is the world's first 24-hour, full-time television network delivering Jewish-themed programming.

Lifetime, Channel 252 HD

Provides contemporary entertainment and informational programming dedicated to women, like the "Intimate Portrait" series, plus award-winning original movies, exclusive specials and acclaimed dramas.

LINK, Channel 375

Free to all customers. Links Americans with each other and the world! You'll get a global perspective on world events and cultures through independent documentaries, international films, world music and live interactive programs.

MSNBC, Channel 356 HD

MSNBC is a groundbreaking joint venture from Microsoft and NBC, comprised of MSNBC TV on cable and on the Internet. The MSNBC concept means that both television viewers and personal-computer users will benefit from a service that offers truly integrated television and interactive news, quality breaking news coverage and dynamic discussion of topical events.

NBC Learn

MTV, Channel 331 HD

MTV: Music Television, the largest global television network, is where young adults turn to find out what's happening and what's next in music and popular culture.

MTV2, Channel 333

MTV2 is a unique, fat-free, all-music mix spanning musical genres. MTV2 lets viewers discover, control and connect to the music they love.

No logo available

NASA, Channel 346

Delivers real-time coverage of NASA activities and missions. Tune in for educational programming, a look at the early years of NASA, special updates on Space Shuttle missions, Earth views from the Shuttle and more.

National Geographic TV, Channel 276 HD

The National Geographic Channel always brings adventure, exploration, culture and natural science to life for you, with passionate storytelling, spectacular imagery and expert eyewitness accounts. The National Geographic Channel is the best place for programs with environmental, educational and entertaining twists.

NatGeo Education Page

Nick Jr., Channel 301

Nick Jr. is the commercial-free, educational preschool network from Nickelodeon. Nick Jr. strives to be a place where preschoolers can engage with characters they love while building their imaginations, gaining key cognitive and social-emotional skills, and learning about the world around them. Through interactivity and rich story-telling informed by preschool educational experts, Nick Jr. helps kids learn early literacy, movement and exercise, basic math, science, music appreciation, art, language acquisition and social skills.

Nickelodeon East, Channel 299 HD

Nick at Nite features hit comedies that bring pleasure with every viewing. Timeless television on Nick at Nite include The Cosby Show, Roseanne, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All sitcoms all nite long.

Nickelodeon West, Channel 300

Nick at Nite features hit comedies that bring pleasure with every viewing. Timeless television on Nick at Nite include The Cosby Show, Roseanne, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All sitcoms all nite long.

NRB Network, Channel 378

NRB Network programming is designed to inspire, inform and enlighten its viewers and bring a greater understanding of the historic Christian faith. NRB programs make an important contribution to diversity and enrich the cultural dialogue. The NRB Network mission is to have a significant spiritual, moral, and ethical impact on the culture at large.

ONCE, Channel 447

ONCE México is a general entertainment channel with programs with strong editorial content on political issues, cultural documentaries, tourism series, talk shows, news and awards winning series for kids.

Ovation, Channel 274

Ovation TV, the only network devoted to art and personal creativity with the best of performance, people, art, music and film.

Arts Ed ToolKit

Oxygen, Channel 251

A TV channel for women, by women. Integrated with an online network, Oxygen offers original and diverse programming seven days a week dedicated to empowering and educating women.

Pivot, Channel 267

Pivot is a new television network from Participant Media serving passionate Millennials (18-34) with a diverse slate of talent and a mix of original series, acquired programming, films and documentaries. Pivot focuses on entertainment that sparks conversation, inspires change and illuminates issues through engaging content, and its website to continue the conversation and connect audiences to a wealth of content and customizable actions.

RFD-TV, Channel 345

A 24-hour network with educational and informational programming targeting rural America. RFD TV focuses on rural news, events, and convention coverage, agricultural information and family-oriented programming.

Science Channel, Channel 284 HD

Science Channel is a place for viewers that is inquisitive, imaginative, relevant, witty and fun. We inspire people to always search for answers to questions and then we provide the deep-dive into how things work. Your customers are hungry for the type of knowledge they will find on Science Channel!

Sprout, Channel 295

Sprout is home to trusted favorites like Sesame Street and Barney & Friends, plus innovative Sprout Originals such as The Sunny Side Up Show and The Good Night Show. From morning to night, parents and kids can share everything from singing and dancing to birthday wishes and bedtime stories.

Syfy Channel, Channel 244 HD

The best of science fiction, science fact, fantasy and horror. Features classic and current popular series, original movies, animation and documentaries.

TBN, Channel 372

Serving many denominations, one of America's most-watched religious networks provides a variety of original programs, including Nashville gospel concerts, health and fitness, talk, children's features and services from some of America's largest churches.

TBS, Channel 247 HD

Features an outstanding array of family-oriented programming. See exclusive specials, compelling documentaries and movies, plus pro sports. (Blackout restrictions apply.)

TCT, Channel 377

A worldwide television network bringing the best in Christian educational, news and entertainment programming to your home daily.

Teen Nick, Channel 303

TeenNick is Nickelodeon's 24-hour TV network exclusively for and about teens. The network speaks to teens with an authentic point of view and celebrates what's powerful and unique about the everyday realities of being a teen.

TLC, Channel 280 HD

Entertaining and informative family programming including six commercial-free hours of weekday programming for pre-schoolers.

TNT, Channel 245 HD

It's big-time entertainment, featuring the greatest movies Hollywood ever made, star-studded original productions, classic kids' shows and action-packed sports. (Blackout restrictions apply.)

Travel Channel, Channel 277 HD

The exciting new Travel Channel invites viewers to explore the people, places and cultures of our world. Programming includes first-class travel documentaries, adventure excursions, international cuisine and travel tips.

truTV, Channel 246

Welcome to truTV, the home of the most exciting REAL stories told by the fascinating people who lived them. With a lineup of all REAL, high-stakes originals, truTV is the destination for viewers who want to experience real-life excitement and venture to places they can't normally go.

Turner Classic Movies, Channel 256 HD

24-hour service features some of the best movies ever made. The channel culls from vintage RKO, MGM and pre-1950 Warner Bros. films found in Turner Entertainment Co.'s library of over 3,300 titles. Movies are shown without commercials.

TV CHILE, Channel 437

Features a variety of programming for all ages! Direct from Chile you'll receive the latest news, documentaries, mini-series and the best in sports, including exclusive seasonal viewing of professional Chilean soccer.

TV Land, Channel 304 HD

TV Land's program mix features popular dramas, sitcoms, westerns, Retromercials and a TV-referential interstitial environment, all programmed with a specific audience in mind - the first generation of Americans to grow up watching television and features all-time Classic hits like All in the Family, Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, and Bonanza.

TVE, Channel 460

TVE offers a diverse mix of game shows, sports, arts and educational programs, fiction series, movies and the best news broadcasts -- all directly from Spain. A unique entertainment alternative for Spanish speakers in the U.S.!

Univision, Channel 402 HD

One of the top Spanish-language broadcast networks in the U.S.! It features a variety of programming including telenovelas, sports, news and music, plus talk shows like "Cristina" and variety shows like "Sabado Gigante."

UP, Channel 338

The uplifting entertainment network that features music and inspiring stories the whole family will enjoy.

USA Network, Channel 242 HD

One of the most popular TV networks in prime time, USA features syndicated dramas like "MacGyver," "Knight Rider" and "Murder, She Wrote" in addition to comedy programs, variety specials and exclusive sports coverage.

Velocity, Channel 281 HD Only

Veocity delivers the awe–inspiring experience of high definition television in pure 1080i and 5.1 digital surround sound for millions of viewers. As the premiere 24/7 high–definition channel, Veocity offers the highest quality real–world entertainment with programs about natural history, wildlife, travel, world culture, lifestyle, science and technology.

VH1, Channel 335 HD

VH1 takes audiences behind the music and beyond with original series, concerts, live events, music movies and new music videos.

VME, Channel 440

NEW! V-me joins DIRECTV MÁS with round-the-clock, smart, engaging entertainment for Latino families featuring quality pre-school, food, travel, current affairs, music, movies, specials, the best of public TV and much more.

WEA, Channel 362 HD

Provides 24-hour reports on regional and national weather conditions, special weather-related features and reports on unusual weather phenomena.

WGN, Channel 307 HD

Well-rounded entertainment from the premier Chicago superstation, including movies, series, news, plus local sports. (Blackout restrictions apply)

WHT, Channel 367

A family entertainment, news, and inspirational channel with programs designed to preserve and promote the traditional American value system through entertainment, education, news, and information.

WORD, Channel 373

Free to all customers. Multi-denominational urban religious programming with both spiritual and educational content.