Turn the page with Discovery Education Techbooks

  • Jan 29, 2015


Early in 2012, the Obama administration called for an e-textbook in every student’s hand by 2017, citing cost, efficiency and the advantage of real-time student progress data as incentives.

But judging from what I’ve been reading, the transition from paper to pixels may take a bit longer. After all, bound books work. Always have. And who’s got time for (more) change, anyway?

Wherever you stand on the issue, you have to admit the transition seems inevitable. Let’s face it, your students are digital natives. And with the President himself now pushing for e-textbooks… well.

Why not learn more about this emerging medium? Check out Discovery Education Techbooks, an award-winning series of K-12 digital textbooks from a company with an exemplary educational track record.  Currently covering math, science and social studies, Techbooks can be used on any digital device or platform, and promise to substantially lower district costs. They even include ongoing professional development for teachers.

Check out the video below, and learn more on the company’s web site.

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NOTE: Discovery is channel 278 in your DIRECTV SCHOOL CHOICE channel lineup.

—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio

Math Techbook Classroom Experience from Discovery Education on Vimeo.