DIRECTV partners with City Year to honor outstanding math mentors

  • Jul 03, 2014


DIRECTV’s commitment to K-12 schools and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education recently yielded a few proud smiles when the company honored a handful of young people who’ve dedicated a year of their lives to helping at-risk high school students make strides in math.

The five honoreesfour in Los Angeles and one in Denverwere recognized upon “graduation” from twelve months of service with City Year, a volunteer organization that seeks to bridge the education gap in high-poverty communities through tutoring, mentorship and role-modelling. The students were honored with DIRECTV’s  first Math Achievement Awards, selected for both the  grade average and standardized math assessment scores of the students they served. All five received prize packages that included certificates of recognition and a year of free DIRECTV.

“At DIRECTV, we believe that math is the foundation for all STEM learning,” said Brynne Dunn, DIRECTV Corporate Citizenship. “We were thrilled to recognize these City Year Corps Members for their inspiring dedication to student achievement in math.”

Here are their names, along with the schools at which they served:

In Los Angeles: Myeisha Bobo, 116th Elementary School; Paiab Thao, Muir Middle School; Joshua De Bets, Hollenbeck Middle School; and Kayla Webb, UCLA Community School.

In Denver: Michelle Ramirez, CMS Community School.

Over the coming months, be sure to check this space for interviews with each of the winners. They’re an inspiring bunch, eager to share their experiences and explain how they were able to convince struggling students that they could indeed do the math.

And for more information on becoming involved with City Year, visit their web site.

—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio

city year 2

(l. to r.) City Year Los Angeles Executive Director Mary Jane Stevenson; Myeshia Bobo; Brynne Dunn, DIRECTV Corporate Citizenship; Paiab Thao; Joshua De Bets; and Kayla Webb. Not pictured here is Michelle Ramirez, who was honored at a ceremony in Denver, Colorado.

WebMATH, from Discovery Education, is a free virtual tutor for your students

  • May 23, 2014


You won’t always be there when a student needs help with equations. But thanks to a terrific online resource called WebMATH, you can be sure that good tutoring is never more than a few clicks away.

Brought to you by our friends at Discovery Education, WebMATH is a lot more than just a calculator; it’s a self-help system that teaches mathematics the way you do, step by step. For example, when a student enters an equation they’ll not only be provided with an answer, but also a breakdown of how and why the numbers work out as they do—whether it’s a calculus equation or simple subtraction. WebMATHh takes in K-8 math, geometry, trigonometry and much more.

You might consider recommending WebMATH to struggling students who need a head start on next semester’s course demands.

Check it out for yourself. You’ll be impressed. Visit WebMATH today.

—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio