Let’s Inspire the Next Generation to TEACH with a Free Online Screening of The Road to TEACH

  • Apr 30, 2015

The Road To TEACH artwork

The TEACH campaign needs your help inspiring the next generation to teach. How do we create the awareness that passionate, innovative students should consider the profession of teaching, that teaching is the 21st century job?

Participant Media’s TEACH campaign is offering a free online screening of The Road to TEACH beginning Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5) and lasting through the end of the school year. Produced in partnership with Roadtrip Nation last summer, the documentary follows three college students (below), all aspiring teachers, through the world of education as they contemplate their futures and begin to understand the vast opportunities, personal rewards, and vital need for passionate young people to reach.

Click here to watch The Road to TEACH.

After that, please consider pledging your passion and expertise to support great teaching, and help students who might have the calling find their way into the profession.

Both pledges will enable you to receive useful information about the TEACH campaign, it’s alliances, and opportunities to support and/or become a teacher.

What else can you as an educator do to promote your profession?

TEACH campaign and Roadtrip Nation invite you to Share Your Road, an exciting opportunity to talk about your own personal journey into the classroom and inspire the next generation to follow in your footsteps. The uploaded interviews become part of Roadtrip Nation’s interactive career development curriculum, currently in 7,000 high schools across the country. So Share Your Road today!

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