Kid-friendly Entertainment in a Kid-friendly APP

  • May 22, 2015


This week, DIRECTV announced the launch of its new DIRECTV Kids APP, which will deliver hundreds of kid-friendly movies and programs to DIRECTV customers’ iPhones or iPads from channels they already subscribe to, at no extra charge.

Designed for children ages 5-10,the app puts a world of curated content at your child’s fingertips. And for parents, there are helpful program ratings and reviews provided by the non-profit child advocacy group Common Sense Media, so you’ll always know everything you need to know about what your kids are watching.

“As our kids become more and more connected through powerful devices like tablets and computers, navigating through the rough terrain of the digital landscape for parents can be an incredibly daunting task,” says Tony Goncalves, senior vice president, Digital Entertainment Products Group, DIRECTV. “The DIRECTV Kids App was designed to take the worry away from watching TV and give kids a simple and safe viewing environment without the need for complicated parental control set up on multiple devices.”

Learn more about the app and download yours today by visiting DIRECTV.

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NOTE: The DIRECTV Kids APP is not available to subscribers who receive DIRECTV through the SCHOOL CHOICE program.



This Summer, Turn That Tablet Into a Teaching Machine

  • Apr 28, 2015

Summer Learning Guide

However your kids spend their precious free time this summer—whether indoors, outdoors, away from home or in their own backyard—it’s safe to assume that a good deal of that time will be spent looking at screens. The little screens we all carry around in our hands, I mean.

But rather than lament what would have seemed like bizarre behavior during our adventure-filled summers back in the day, the smart folks at Common Sense Media have taken the proactive step of compiling a handy guide to apps and websites that can turn your child’s smartphone, tablet or other device into educational tools to enhance whatever activities they do get up to.

The guide offers something for every kid, age 2 through 17, broken into various categories taking-in science, nature, tech, art, geography and more. There are even apps for learning to code! That’s free time well spent.

So, do you want to help your kids learn while having fun this summer? Well, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are dozens, and Common Sense Media wants to tell you about the best of them.

Check out their Summer Learning Guide for yourself.

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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio