K-12 STEM Resources from PBS

  • Feb 11, 2016


If you follow education topics on social media you have no doubt come across the word “makers” quite often of  late.

It’s a handy distillation of what amounts to a growing movement toward applied sciences. That is to say, people, especially young people, making stuff—or improving stuff, or figuring out new and better ways to do stuff. And at the center of it all you find STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), an important 21st-Century emphasis in education that recognizes both where we are headed, and just how much untapped potential there is available in our classrooms to get us there.

And this is all good news, of course. So good, in fact, that more and more entities and organizations are doing what they can to help.

Which brings us to PBS Learning Media and the Makers initiative, a web-based, one-stop shop of STEM and digital making resources that focus on the problem, technology, or process behind object creation. On the Makers website you’ll find something for every student K through 12, and it’s all available free of charge!

The material is multi-media, accompanied by standards-based lesson plans, and presented in 5 categories: Arts and Crafts, Design, Engineering, How To (DIY), and Robotics.

And in keeping with the idea that Makers is really all about students doing things themselves, the collection was designed and curated by a high school student working toward a career in technology. Nice touch.

Check it out for yourself. Visit Makers today.

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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio