C-SPAN Classroom Brings the Presidential Election to YOUR Classroom!

  • Aug 25, 2016


The 2016 presidential election enters the home stretch this semester, which presents teachers with a great opportunity to transform current events into learning opportunities.

And our friends at C-SPAN are ready to help!

Just one of the many fine networks delivered to your school each month as part of the DIRECTV SCHOOL CHOICE program package, C-SPAN is an outstanding resource for unvarnished coverage of news and current events, and always at the forefront when it comes to marshaling the power of television for education. For the current election, they’ve assembled a variety of videos and classroom materials you can start downloading right now.

We invited C-SPAN representatives to tell you more about their C-SPAN Classroom initiative, and to outline what resources are available:

C-SPAN Classroom is a free membership service for social studies teachers with the mission to enhance the teaching of social studies through C-SPAN’s primary source programming and websites. This fall, as we head toward election day, C-SPAN Classroom continues to update the Campaign 2016 section of our website. These educational resources provide explanations of the various aspects of the election process for candidates vying to become the next President of the United States. Separated into 10 main areas, each topic is supplemented with related video clips, discussion questions, handouts, and culminating activities to engage your students in the election process.

Our most recent updates feature clips on candidates and the media, endorsements, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, vice president selection, and voter values.

You can access all of C-SPAN Classroom’s free educational resources, including the Campaign 2016 page on our website.

C-SPAN Classroom and the C-SPAN Networks are made possible by the support of DIRECTV.


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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio

C-SPAN Is Election Central for Students and Teachers!

  • Mar 23, 2016


The race for the White House is on, and C-SPAN Classroom has earned our endorsement for once again providing teachers with the best, most educational lesson plans, activities, and materials—including a 2016 Electoral College Map poster (pictured, below) available free-of-charge for registered C-SPAN Classroom members!

This large, beautiful graphic, which will look great in your classroom, is designed to facilitate educational discussion on a variety of topics relating to the 2016 election, and is suited to a wide range of grade levels. How you use it is up to you, but if you’re looking for ideas there is a collection of lesson plans and activities available at C-SPAN Classroom as well.

Sign-up and request your poster today. Registration is also free.

But wait, there’s more!

C-SPAN Classroom has also put together a wonderful collection of resources (developed by teachers) that cover all aspects of the election process, from candidates and campaign ads to polling, campaign financing, and debate—each topic supplemented with related video clips, discussion questions, handouts, and culminating activities to reinforce students’ learning.

Check it out for yourself. These resources are all free-of-charge, and available right now on the C-SPAN Classroom website.

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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio