Start planning now for a science fair this spring!

  • Oct 19, 2014


As anyone who’s ever taken part in a school science fair knows, science is never more engaging or rewarding than it is when you’re doing it yourself. It begins with a simple question. The comes experimentation. And finally, the all-important presentation. Then all of a sudden… youout of everyone in your schoolbecome the recognized expert on that particular subject.

And you begin to wonder if they make lab coats for children. (Note: They do.)

All this to say that if you’re school is not currently planning a science fair, it should be. You should be. I have to presume that if you were drawn-in by the title of this post you’re at least thinking about it. Let me be the first to say you’re on to something.

At DIRECTV we’re big supporters of STEM education, and frankly we can think of no better way than personal, hands-on experience to get a child thinking about the possibility of a career in a STEM-related field. Preparing a project for a science fair is self-directed learning, which is empowering for kids. And by employing scientific methods to reach demonstrable conclusions, under your supportive tutelage, they’ll recognize that their efforts are worthy of respect.

So where do you begin? I’d recommend you pay a visit to Discovery Education’s Science Fair Central, a free, easy-to-navigate resource for K-12 educators containing everything you’ll need. Check it out. And if you do decide to go ahead and have that science fair, please let us know how it goes.

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 —Stephen Vincent D’Emidio