Lessons from That Infamous Day in December

  • Nov 29, 2016


Most of us hadn’t yet been born the day Japanese forces attacked a U.S. naval station in Hawaii, causing thousands of casualties and drawing the United States into World War II. And yet, even now, a full 75 years later, the words Pearl Harbor carry a weight and urgency usually reserved for things we’ve experienced ourselves. They rouse in us a sense of reverence, as well as loss, and they are yet another hard-earned reminder that history, for both the world and for the individual, can change in a single, unexpected moment.

And so it is with great respect that we approach what will be the 75th anniversary of that infamous day on December 7, 2016. No doubt, teachers will take the opportunity to offer insight and context. And to that end, our friends at the History channel have compiled an excellent collection of free educational materials comprising historic audio & video, lesson plans, and much more.

You’ll find these resources on the History website and at History Classroom.

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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio