First-year teachers receive a big helping hand from Discovery Education.

  • Sep 13, 2014


When we think of leadership as a vocation we most likely think of elected officials, military figures, team captains or corporate executives. But there’s no better example of professional leadership than a teacher—tasked each day with shepherding a roomful of diverse personalities (and their myriad issues) into some strange new area of knowledge. And not simply to lead them there, but to ensure that it becomes so woven into their thought process that it becomes a solid building block in what will eventually be the structure of their formal education.

And insofar as each student will eventually take this education out into the world, the teacher-as-leader—from K through 12 and beyond—is helping to build not only a person, but a society.

And a world! No pressure.

So with that in mind, our hearts and hands go out today to the person most likely to become a bit woozy at the very thought of all this: the rookie teacher. Now just weeks into their first semester in front of a class, the enormity of it all is beginning to sink in…

These are people in my charge. Just kids, for crying out loud! What if I make a mistake and ruin them for life? You’re telling me I’d be ruining the world, too? Yikes!

Relax. You’ve been trained for this. And for what it’s worth, the fact that you take hold of this responsibility with trembling hands only proves that you are a leader worthy of the title.

So enter that classroom with confidence. Find a mentor if you can. And while you look be sure to check out Discovery Education’s web site New Teacher Survival Central, a terrific free resource designed to help you make it through your first year. Quite frankly, there’s plenty of good info available on the site for more experienced teachers as well—from lesson plans and teacher blogs to helpful videos and opportunities for professional development.

There’s even a whole section on classroom management. Bet you’ve been thinking about that lately.

But seriously, enjoy your rookie year. And on behalf of the world, we thank you for your service.

—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio

NOTE: Discovery Channel is channel 278 in your DIRECTV School Choice programming package.