Educational Resources That Are On the Money

  • Apr 08, 2016

Would it surprise you to learn that, as of right now, only 20 states require that high school students study economics? And according to a report by CNBC, that’s actually 2 less than the number that required it in 2014.

It certainly surprised me, considering the important role that money plays in the quality of our lives, especially with regard to smart stewardship.

With that in mind, we’d like to call your attention to, a free resource from the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission established (as it says on the website) “to strengthen financial capability and increase access to financial services for all Americans.”

The site features a section devoted exclusively to teachers and educators, featuring curricula, lesson plans, tip sheets, guidance, and helpful tools for teaching financial capability. The topic range is wide, covering everything from savings and investment to taxes and student aid, and there are materials available for students PreK-12, much of it standards-aligned.

Check it out for yourself. Visit today.

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—Stephen Vincent D’Emidio

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