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Complete this form to sign up for DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL and start receiving FREE educational programming. If you would prefer to submit these forms offline, you may also download printable PDF versions here. Please note this section should only be filled out if your school does not currently participate in the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program. If you are attempting to renew your DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL service please use the renewal form here.

E-Rate Reminder:
DIRECTV is now part of the AT&T family of companies. AT&T is a provider of many services under the FCC E-Rate Program. These DIRECTV services are not provided as an inducement. To the extent you seek E-Rate funding for an AT&T service, please adhere to the free services advisory and cost allocate as required.


If you would prefer to submit these forms offline, you may download the printable PDF versions to the right, scan and e-mail the School Viewing Addendum and the Program Authorization Form to If scanning is on option please e-mail for additional information on how to submit your application.


DIRECTV requires two contacts for each school account. Please provide your contact information below, in addition to contact information for one other faculty member:

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

You can request up to 4 high-definition (HD) DIRECTV receivers (boxes), one of which may be a DIRECTV HD DVR receiver. An HD DVR will allow you to record programming to watch at a later time. Note that HD receivers will work even if your school does not have HD televisions.

Please select the equipment you would like shipped to your school free of charge:

If you have questions about the equipment, please email

Each year, school accounts are required to renew their enrollment in the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program on this website. The contacts listed above will be sent an email reminder with renewal instructions.

By supplying the information above, typing your name, title and today's date in the fields below, and clicking the "SUBMIT" button below as your electronic signature, you confirm on behalf of the school that (i) you are an authorized representative of the school, (ii) you have the power and authority to execute and agree to the terms of the Agreement on behalf of the school, (iii) all rights, approvals and consents necessary to enter into the Agreement have been obtained by the school, (iv) the information provided above is correct, and (v) the school agrees to the terms of the Agreement.


Your FREE equipment will be shipped to your school once all application materials are received and approved. You will need to arrange installation (DIRECTV will not be able to provide this service). Installation of all equipment will be at the school's expense.

You can find professional installers here.


After the installation is complete, call 1-888-330-7827 to activate your receivers.

All equipment must be installed and activated within 90 days of receipt.

Have the receiver identification number for each receiver handy when you call. To find this number, press and hold the "INFO" button on the remote for 3 seconds (It's under the right arrow). The "System and Test" screen that appears will show the receiver ID number.

Print Installation & Activation Instructions
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